Pharma, Food/Beverage Branding & Packaging Design Specialists

Although we don’t generally turn down good work from Corporate, Government and SME clients, we have considerable experience working with Pharma/Food & Beverage companies – specialising in Branding/Marketing Collateral & excelling in product Packaging Design. These clients understand the value and benefits our specialist expertise can add to their bottom line. They realise that it’s not something one can get easily from general design agencies or amateurs. So if you are launching a new (PHARMA, FOOD OR DRINK) product or want to improve the shelf presence or raise the brand profile of an existing one, then we are THE people to call.

Typically, for Pharma & Food/Drink brands we:

  • Clarify/Research the desired Brand positioning/strategy – following a carefully examined and clarified brief/target market/demographic, value positioning, semiotics etc
  • We then create concept ideas/visuals/colour schemes etc for the Brand Identity (not merely the logo) – identifying key selling USP’s, ‘Pick up’ statements that might appear on packaging
  • Next we create a number of exploratory concept ideas for the product ‘Master’ Packaging/Labelling design – incorporating agreed messaging/’sell’ statements etc.
  • Following concept approval, we apply the concept style to the various pack/sku variants /various sizes/pack keylines and layout all technical copy etc
  • We then develop any relevant Sales or Marketing Literature that my be required to help sell or promote the product e.g. for print format or digital (for sales reps etc)
  • We create any Adverts (print or digital assets) that may be required – ideating straplines and headers etc (we have excellent copywriting skills in-house)
  • If pack photography is not available, we create high quality ‘realistic’ 3D Pack rendering (can be better than photography)
  • Retail Point of Sale items are also created for the product brand, which can include Store Window Display elements: FSDU’s, In-store posters, mobiles, wobblers, shelf talkers
  • We can also create a website or web pages for the product (or social media advert banners etc).
  • We ensure that all brand assets/packaging and marketing collateral is consistent in style, messaging and colours to ensure continuity at every customer touch point.
  • We recommend that client asks us to create a comprehensive Brand Identity Guideline document.

We’re not in it to make a fast buck, we collaborate, support and assist our clients with the success of their brands, services and products. We partner with you rather than being a mere supplier and we want you to succeed, because if you do, we do too! The more we work with you, the better we get to know how you think and can more effectively deliver solutions that work best for you. You stay in control, you know exactly what the final investment will be. We also want to enjoy what we do and make long term friends along the way.

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