Website Management & Maintenance Services

“Let us take care of your Website while you take care of your business.”

• Can you maintain the information on your website easily and regularly?
• Do you have the people, time and resources to do so properly in-house ?
• Do you have the time and know-how to regularly maintain the functionality of your website?
• Do you need someone to actively manage and update the products on your shopping cart?
• Can you afford to lose your website?
• Are you doing enough to keep your website healthy and up to date?
• Are your competitors doing a better job of keeping their website up to date and relevant?

After we design and build a client website, we then usually take over the ongoing management and maintenance of the website. We also maintain websites that we did not originally build. However, our web maintenance service often tends to improve on them.

Why let Artefact manage and maintain our business website?

Many businesses need to outsource dedicated website management services to us  because they don’t have the time, skill set or available staff to manage it consistently in-house. We understand the importance of having an impressive, up to date website. The website itself can be the main business or assists in bringing in new business by acting as sales and marketing channel to generate leads, customers and revenue. Can you afford to lose your website? Are you doing enough to keep your website healthy and up to date? Your WordPress website needs continuous monitoring, maintenance and fine tuning so that it can give optimum performance and stay safeguarded from hackers etc. In a worse case scenario, someone should be there to *restore your website from a clean, latest backup copy.

Sign up TODAY to one of our WordPress Website Management Plans and give yourself, not just peace of mind, but a functioning and up to date website.

We have specialist expertise managing and maintaining WordPress websites, but also maintain and code html, Joomla, Wix and other types of websites.

WordPress is the most popular content management system in existence and is used by over 31% of all websites online. It’s intuitive for users in how it allows them to log in and edit text and images through the CMS, once the site is designed and installed.  However, they do need to be regularly maintained and that is why we offer a range of management/maintenance packages. See our monthly packages table and pricing below:

Web Management Plans

WordPress Updates

We will keep your WordPress core version and all your plugins up to date. (Vital to do at least once per month or your site could be open to hacking or worse).

Website Content Updates

Most websites needs minor daily or weekly content changes and updates. You may find it difficult to do in-house or may not have sufficient time/staff to make those changes.
We can usually do that for you same day or within 24 hours.

Malware & Performance Monitoring

We run periodical checks on malware and do performance scans on WordPress sites to guide you on the improvements. We will remove unwanted spam comments and posts, as well as installing and configuring the latest anti-spam plug-ins and guards.  As an add-on service, we also fix hacked websites for an additional fee.

Scheduled Backups

Get priceless peace of mind with our scheduled backups service on weekly or monthly basis for all your WordPress files and complete WordPress database.
(*This is an additional backup to the one your web hosting company should be providing).

Regular Reporting

Receive regular reports on what we have done, and what is happening on your website. We will also make recommendations on how to improve your website overall performance.

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