We have a professional in-house digital photography studio. We can take very high resolution photos including, product pack shots (propped or un-propped) and can also provide very professional food photography. If you need us to go out to your location to photograph your business, offices (interior or exterior) or event, we can arrange that too.

We also work with a number of well known and well respected third party professional photographers, whom we or our clients often arrange for specialist shoots, including food. Artefact will usually come up with the concept for the image (For food or product packaging for example) and will then supervise/direct the photo shoot for client, to ensure best results. Then we would often ‘brush’ or ‘doctor’ the photo images where required before preparing them for final publication/print.

3D Rendering

We also provide a 3D rendering service, that is to a very high standard. Because we work closely with the Pharma/Healthcare and Food and Beverage sectors, we regularly create 3D renders of product packaging – which is often better quality and preferred to photography. We can also show you how your trade stand or shop interior could look – before you build it and we can create various other types of 3D modelling on request.

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