Pack 3D Rendering


Our Pharma, Food and Beverage clients frequently ask us to create high resolution ‘realistic’  3D rendering images of their products. It is often the case that product photography is just not as good or as ‘crisp’ as the 3D pack renders. As well as that, it can often be the case the the product is not actually in production, so the client wants a very good approximation of how the product packaging would look when it is produced. This enables them to approach potential retailers to secure advance sales orders.  We can also show you how your in-store FSDU stand or shop interior could look – before you build it and we can create various other types of 3D modelling on request, including bottled products (juices, alcohol, mineral water etc) and cans.

Note: we also provide a product packaging photography service in house and can arrange specialist photography, including food photography.

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