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Graphic Design for successful businesses.

No two professional graphic designers are exactly alike just as no two doctors are alike. A professionally trained, highly experienced designer is able to quickly understand and tune-in to the client brief and is someone who can achieve targeted communication effectively, in the quickest amount of time. This kind of skill and insight only comes with years of exposure to working with top brands and top clients across multiple channels. This is Artefact. Basically, we understand how to help our clients sell more product, raise brand profile and create the desired perception of their business/brands above and below the line. This is why highly experienced, top class designers, like Artefact team are highly sought after by smart businesses. Top design starts in the mind, with smart ideas, understanding the marketing objectives – before it is realised on a computer screen.

Great graphic design can, and should, be both beautiful and functional. For example, an advert’s effectiveness lies in the way words and images were combined on the page. intelligently combined into one symbol or focussed message to engage the end customer. We bring smart ideas and intelligence to design/advertising to create the essential relationship between how something looks and what it accomplishes. A good piece of commercial art had to be both beautiful and persuasive, to make the company or brand more personable.

We work for smart companies and consistently demonstrate to our clients the value of identity systems and consistent design/ branding can make to their sales and marketing objectives. This is why you should value professional graphic design and make it an important part of your business plan. Understand that good design is not something you add on but is part and parcel of your business. That it’s good for business,  that it’s not just window dressing. You will not get the kind of expertise and the results we can deliver, by working with amateurs. Smart businesses choose to work with Artefact Ltd.