The Importance of Keeping Your WordPress Version, Plugins and Theme Updated

If you have a CMS WordPress based website (the most preferred platform these days), the editor/manager of the CMS content will notice that not only does the version of WordPress need to be updated occasionally, but also your plugins and themes. For both functionality and security reasons, it’s important to stay updated. This in itself, typically once a month, will help protect your website from those pesky hackers who often can attack out of date plug-ins and OS versions. It is also a good idea to install a range of anti virus plug ins, plus make a monthly full back up of the entire website to a local disk. Backups are important for both functionality and security reasons.

If you are not doing this, or are not having it done for you (by us for example), then your website is at risk of being hacked, damaged or deleted. It may be costly to have the website ‘cleaned’, fixed, reinstalled or indeed remade, after the fact. ‘A stitch in time saves nine’ comes to mind.

Coincidentally, Artefact offers a full website management and content updating service. E.g. to update plugins, version of WordPress and do a backup costs 120 Euro + VAT as a one off (or 90 Euro per month based on a 12 month agreement).

We only inform you of the above, in case you are not aware and because a number of businesses get caught out – when they leave it on the long finger! Anyway it makes good sense.

The Importance of Keeping Your WordPress Version, Plugins and Theme Updated

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