Artefact Ltd wants to help your business in these ‘unchartered’ circumstances, by offering a… 

20% ‘Coronavirus’ Discount
on all new design* jobs  until the end of the April.

* Offer does not apply to Website Management or SEO management packages.

Understandably, we have noticed that many of our clients (particularly those in retail, tourism & hospitality) are down significantly on footfall and general business. This also has a domino effect to all their suppliers and manufacturers. We would like to help where we can, not just by helping them to market to their client base more effectively with excellently designed and well thought out print and digital communications materials, but by offering ALL of our clients a 20% Discount until the end of April for all new creative work produced by us. We all need to work a bit harder to generate business in these tough times, particularly when we can’t meet our clients/customers face to face. Our brand marketing materials need to do the talking for us, now more than ever.

‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going’ 

~ Joseph P. Kennedy (1888-1969), the father of (U.S.) President John F. Kennedy (not Billy Ocean!)

Contact us today on 01 833 0081, or or website or Whatapp/txt on 086 2750662

Artefact Coronavirus Discount Offer of 20% Off all Design

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